Restoring the climate through strategic grazing.


The Problem: Overgrazing

Overgrazing is the single greatest loss of profitability and productivity for farms and ranches. Even worse, it’s destroying soil, causing nutrient loss and erosion, and releasing carbon from the ground, where it’s needed, into the air, where it’s harmful.


The Solution: Strategic Grazing

Farmers and ranchers have long understood that by moving their livestock frequently they can maximize both their productivity and the value of their land. Ecologists have proven that strategically moving livestock to prevent overgrazing saves water, helps forage grow faster, increases soil fertility, and can mitigate climate change by pulling carbon from the air back into the soil. Strategic grazing is also better for livestock health which means less methane emissions, higher land productivity, and higher profit margins for the farmer. So if a solution exists to both maximize profits and improve the environment, why isn’t everyone doing it? It’s too much work. Farmers understand the benefits, but with the 60 year old technology that they’re currently using, the costs and time spent are simply too high. Until now.


Drovr makes strategic grazing easy

Drovr’s labor saving products help reduce the friction for farmers choosing to practice strategic grazing. Not only do they save time, but reduce complexity, freeing farmers to work more effectively. With relevant data right at the managers fingertips it’s never been easier to make informed grazing decisions, move fencing, and increase pasture forage.


“If strategic grazing was implemented on just 25% of agricultural land it would completely offset all carbon emissions due to agriculture ”

Land stewardship project  |  Oct 2016