Introducing the Forager

The worlds first solar electric fence energizer that can be controlled from your phone.  


How it works

Drovr (formerly Uzio Technology) has innovated the traditional electric fence energizer into a smarter product that makes fencing more reliable and set up easier. Simply wire our energizer to your existing fence equipment and gain access to features like short detection, remote on/off control, and live voltage data. 




Short detection

The Forager can detect the moment something is interfering with your fence causing it to short. Receive a notification the instant your fence goes down no matter where you are. 


Remote on/off control


Turn your fence on and off from the convenience of your phone.  No more walking back and forth to your energizer when you need to make an adjustment.

Live data display 

Know exactly what voltage, current, power, and battery life your fence is operating at. Save energy by knowing when to replace your battery and never be in the dark about whether your fence is operating at the right voltage again. 


Interested in trying The Forager? 

We're launching a beta test in January, 2019. Email us using the link below to find out more!